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.This 2 hour CCT Competency Course in combination with the Los Angeles Alternate Staffing Program will prepare you to work alongside our amazing nurses and paramedics. Completion of the 4 hour Alternate Staffing Class is mandotory to receive cct course completion.

This 6 hour program includes training and simulation, hands on practical skills with detailed explanation, scenarios and competencies. Current CCT providers are encouraged to attend. Effective December 1, 2022, to be eligible for anew CCT shift placement, all candidates must complete this course to be deemed competent.

Learn to work as a team, assist with intubation, cardiac moniotring, IV starts, NICU gurney operation and more.

Program Goals

  • To prepare EMTs to assist a paramedic partner when assigned to an ALS unit, which is approved for 1: 1 staffing. This staffing pattern may be used ONLY for prearranged inter-facility transportation.
  • To ensure that transport team members approved for the alternate staffing program have a clear understanding of the duties and function of each team member.
  • Training will be performed a no more than a student to instructor ratio of 8: 1

Program Objectives
At the conclusion of this training session, each participant shall be able to:

  1. Identify the purpose of utilizing alternate staffing for inter-facility transports.
  2. Discuss the role and Scope of Practice of the EMT and paramedic team members.
  3. Describe the measures to be taken by team members to resolve issues.
  4. Discuss Reference No. 1200.2, Base Hospital Contact Criteria.
  5. Describe the procedures which should be implemented if there is an unexpected change in the patient (s} condition.
  6. Discuss EMTALA regulations as they pertain to transport team members.
  7. Discuss the Quality lmprov􀀛ment (QI) measures that will be implemented to monitor the alternate staffing program.
  8. Demonstrate proficiency in performing basic EMT skills.
  9. Demonstrate understanding of the role of the EMT by assisting the paramedic with approved ALS skills.
  10. Discuss the modes of communication available on the ALS ambulance and identify the team member responsible for each.
  11. Demonstrate understanding of the role of the EMT and paramedic by participating in structured simulations.

Target Audience: ALS and BLS

Program Length: 4.5 hours (approximately)

Continuing Education Credit: Approved California EMS Confining Education providers may offer continuing education credit for this program.

Evaluation of learning 

  1. Each participant will demonstrate understanding of the concepts of the alternate staffing program by passing a scenario-based post-test with a minimum score of 80%.
  2. Participants will demonstrate proficiency in skill performance. 

Initial and Ongoing Training:

The paramedic and EMT must complete initial training prior to conducting 1: 1 transports. Upon completion of initjal training, staff must complete skills verification every two years, documentation of such must be maintained in each employee's file. 

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